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2006-01-27, 23:53
I completely concur - a very easy, hassle free combo, great performance for a NAS solution, and when used with Moose great performance for ANY type of solution.

All good.

2006-01-27, 23:56
Thanks for posting your experience. What other files are you serving (ie video?). Just wondering how others are integrating their SB/video i guess.

2006-01-28, 12:57
I have been using this now for about 2 months and it works extremely well.

The Infrant NAS's performance is quite a lot higher than the
Terrastation which makes the combination work.

I am streaming FLAC files to both wired and wireless SQ3's and there is
no stuttering or dropouts even with 3 players running.

Library size is about 400 or so CD's at this time and getting larger.

I went with the X6 version and 2 mirrored 250gb WD SATA I drives. (The
NAS doesn't support SATA II) I went with the WD RAID drives which are
designed to be run 24x7 in a RAID box.

The X6 construction is far better than the terrastation I looked at. 3
Thumbscrews open the case, the 4 drives slide in vertically in pullout
slides in the center. Mount the drives, slide them in, close the case
(All no tools required), and apply power. Wait 2 hours and the box is
ready to go.

No questions, no install in the normal sense. It will use mirroring on
2 drives and RAID 5 on 3+. You can add drives later and it will
automatically reconfigure the array for you. And if you lose a drive,
the array is available during rebuild.

The Slimserver version is the current version and easy to install.
After that, it's the same as the normal version, but you can't add your
own plugin's like the regular version.

Can't recommend it enough for a simple, reliable and very fast Audio server.

(I'm using another with 4 250gb drives as my local file server for the
house. Blazingly fast and it configured the drives and brought up a
complete working NAS server in 4 hours from power on.)

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