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2006-01-27, 10:27
There's probably gonna be a simply solution in the end, but right now I don't know what that is.
So, ok here we go:

:: XP SP2
:: UK Telewest Blueyonder using Motorola SB5100 Surfboard modem connected to PC via ethernet --> EDIT: my bad: connected to router, then router to PC... of course
:: Linksys WRT54G Router --> Firmware Version: v1.00.6
:: SB3 :: Slimserver v2006-01-27 (6.2.2)
:: Safety.Net Firewall
:: Currently no router security encryption

SB3 can connect to the Wireless network and can also connect to the Squeezenetwork no probs. But I can't seem to get it to connect to the SlimServer. It obtains an IP Address automatically ok, but then asks for the IP address of the SlimServer (I'm putting the same IP address in that it found automatically - maybe this is wrong!?) and after entering it never connects to the SlimServer.

Now, as you'll have seen in the title I mentioned an Internet Connection conflict. Well, listen to this:
Even though I can't get the SB3 to work as it should, when it's plugged in, the internet connection on my PC doesn't work. It doesn't give me a "your not connected to the internet screen", but instead forever trys to load a page and never manages to actually load it! I really do not know what that is all about. Anyone else experieneced that?
For example: tp preview this post, I had to unplug the SB3 and then click the 'Preview Post' button again to load the page. If I don't do that it just trys to load but doesn't complete.

EDIT: one thing I should mention is that I have actually had this running before Xmas. One day it worked the next it didn't. I was then away from home for a couple of weeks and haven't had any spare time to sort it out until today... hence my post. As I say on my first lne: I'm sure it's something stupid I'm doing. I am getting annoyed, but will not blame the SB3 until I've had some help from your good selves to see if I can resolve it.

2006-01-27, 11:54
What do you mean by: "Motorrola SB5100 Surfboard modem connected to PC via ethernet"?

The usual setup for a home network with a 'shared connection' is to take the Cable/DSL Modem's ethernet output, and plug it into the router's 'WAN' or 'Internet' port.

Then plug any wired devices into the (usually) 4 other ethernet ports on the router.

The router, then, sits "between" all the machines on your network and the sort of demarcation point of the cable/dsl modem.

If I'm just misreading that, it really sounds like you have given the SB and your PC the same IP number. That won't work.

2006-01-27, 13:23
Sh!t sorry!
In my excitement of posting I messed up, which never really helps when I'm asking for help!

So yes, cable modem to router, router to PC.

If I'm just misreading that, it really sounds like you have given the SB and your PC the same IP number. That won't work
Yes, same IP. I know, I'm not very experienced on the networking side of things.
So, if my PC IP is 123.456.7.700*, and that is auto detected by the SB3 ok, then which address should I be entering when it asks for the IP address of the Slimserver?

* not real IP of course

Once I get this one sorted then I'll see what happens with the internet connection weirdness

2006-01-27, 16:46
If your PC is, then when it asks for the Slimserver's IP, that's what you should use... but it should just 'confirm' that and auto-discover the server.

Are you sure you're not at the point where it is asking its -own- IP number?

Ie, if your PC is, and you put that in where the SB is asking for what IP address it should have... you will see exactly the behavior you see: only one will work. (Or, depending on the router, neither will...)

2006-01-28, 02:16
Reset SB3
> Set up networking
-> Connect to a wireless network => Europe
---> finds the SSID of my router correctly
----> choose 'no password/no encryption' for wireless set up (for now anyway). The router has none of course
-----> Connects to my wireless network ok
------> Obtains IP address automatically (DHCP) ok - let's say it's for sake of argument
-------> Select a music source: (1 of 2)
--------> (1) Specify an IP address for your SlimServer => Entre IP address for your SlimServer => !!?? what goes here then ??!! if I enter the address it auto found ( it doesn't work
--------> (2) Connect to SqueezeNetwork => does this ok

It might seem like it, but I'm not a computer novice. But I'm obviously doing something stupid here though :shrugs:

2006-01-28, 02:31
OK,two things here.

First, when you are being asked to specify a music source, and enter the IP address of your slimserver, then its the PC's address you need to put in. If you're not sure what it is, you can open a "DOS" window (command prompt) and type "ipconfig". If it tells you, thats what you should be giving the SB3

BUT.... when I go through the process you described, when I'm being asked to select the music source, the SB3 goes out and looks on my network for slimservers. In other words, if your slimserver is running and accessible, you should not be having to enter the PC's IP address at all!

SO - first, check that slimserver is in fact running. On your PC ,open up a browser and point it to localhost:9000

If this is running and the SB3 still can't see it, look for a firewall. Do you have the Windows firewall turned on (SP2 does this by default, I think)



EDIT: sorry, missed the bit in your first post about the firewall. Tell it to open up ports 9000 and 3483.

2006-01-28, 03:09
Ok, when I first had the SB3 running before Xmas, I do indeed remember me NOT having to enter the SlimServer IP address - it just found it.

I know all about 'ipconfig /all' and indeed am putting in the IP address of my PC.

I have opened ports as per wiki:
Port number: 3483 (TCP) - Name: SlimServer Control
Port number: 3483 (UDP) - Name: SlimDiscovery
Port Number: 9000 (TCP) - Name: SlimServer Web

In my firewall it means creating these as 'Groups' then giving them access in the 'Applicaton/Service Group Access Control' panel. It's set up in a similar process for Azureus (BitTorrent client) and it works fine.

SlimServer is running. I can view the page via http://localhost:9000/ or by double-clicking the system tray icon.

XP firewall is off.

Even if I turn my firewall off, it still can't find SlimServer.

I don't understand...

2006-01-29, 01:21
anyone? please

2006-01-29, 02:13
jaybee wrote:
> anyone? please?

You said earlier: "let's say it's for sake of argument".

Skip the sakes of arguments ;-) and tell us exactly what your Windows pc (the one running SlimServer) has for an IP address.

Next, tell us exactly what your SB3 device has for an IP address.

The way you mention that only one works at a time (the pc, or the SB3 to the SqueezeNetwork) tells me you've either managed to assign the same IP address to both, or that your router is busticated.

2006-01-29, 03:20
Right, I've sorted it!

And I've been an absolute ejit! Seriously. This was a school boy mistake of grand proportions... in fact probably a school girl mistake :lol:

So, for some reason I must've assigned the MAC address of MY PC to the SB3!! Instead of the MAC address that is printed on the bottom of the SB3.

So now it all works and I'm well chuffed. Soz to have wasted some space on the board.

BTW this thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=20172) prompted me to check that setting.

EDIT: should also say that this means the internet connection doesn't drop out anymore. Not quite sure why having assigned the MAC address of the PC to the SB3 that the net connection would do that. Maybe someone can tell me cos as you'll all have noticed ny now networking is not my strong point.

2006-01-29, 09:11
EDIT: should also say that this means the internet connection doesn't drop out anymore. Not quite sure why having assigned the MAC address of the PC to the SB3 that the net connection would do that. Maybe someone can tell me cos as you'll all have noticed ny now networking is not my strong point.

The MAC id is used not just for DHCP, it's also how machines know which packets are for them. Ethernet is a broadcast medium, every machine gets every packet on the network (well, a switch changes that, but I'll ignore that :)). So if you have 10 machines chattering away, sharing files, printing, playing music... they don't want to waste a lot of time looking at packets that aren't meant for them.

That's where the MAC comes in: each packet had the MAC address of the recipient at the start. Most ethernet devices check this in hardware. (Ie, on a PC, the ethernet card sees the MAC is for that machine, saves the packet to memory, then interrupts the CPU to say, "Hey, I have a packet!" If it's not for that PC, it just throws it away and never tells the CPU it even saw a packet.)

Two machines with the same MAC would mean both would see the packet, even if they had different IP numbers.

It gets really odd with a switch (or most routers) in the mix: a switch learns which MAC's are at which ports and only sends the right packets to the right ports... So it will seem pretty random which machine gets the packets. Some packets destined for the PC may end up at the Squeezebox (which would discard them, since it had no idea what they were for) and packets for the SB would end up at the PC, which would also discard them.

Glad it works now, that was hurting my head. :)

2006-01-29, 09:34
Glad it works now, that was hurting my head. :) it was hurting mine too.

WPA Personal TKIP secuirty added now without a problem.
I've now hidden the SSID though to help ensure no cheeky funkers steal my internet connection.

Now I just need to get my wife's laptop connected to the network... well tbh it finds & connects to the wireless connection ok, but no internet running yet. Maybe tha's a firewall thing. I guess I should be giving the laptop access in the router gui AND firewall.

^^ not an SB question I know, but any help appeciated as always.