View Full Version : Slimserver went loopy

Steven Moore
2006-01-27, 04:44
This is the second time this has happened since upgrading to 6.2.1.
The server dies when playing music, I think on both occasions just after I press pause.
I go to the computer and the machine is almost locked up. I launch activity monitor and eventually see that SS is taking almost 100% cpu and 250mb memory (normaly 5% and 40mb), I force quit.
I also see we are back to the track number totals being different. 16,340 in SS just less than 15,000 in itunes.
The is nothing in the logs.
I will try a clear and rescan to see if that helps.
Anyone else seen the same?

Mac 10.4.4, ss 6.2.1 sb 1.