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2006-01-26, 16:53
Love this box, but....
I'm trying to setup my SB as a wireless bridge.
I followed the instructions, but the SB never gives me the option to turn bridge on/off????

2006-01-26, 17:43
With your ethernet cable plugged in, and connected to something with an active link, hold down the Left on the remote for 5 seconds to get back to network setup. You should then see the option to enable the bridge.

2006-01-26, 18:08
Thanks MrC I'll try it again. The key words are (active link) I hope.

2006-01-26, 19:38
Nope, any other suggestions?

2006-01-26, 19:49
Try a reset. Pull the plug, plug it back in and immediately hold down the Add key on the remote.

If going through the network setup doesn't give you the option to enable bridging, i suspect your cable is problematic, or the system at the other end does not have an active link.

2006-01-26, 20:14
You know you need a crossover cable, right?

2006-01-27, 14:06
Oops. Is that documented anywhere?

2006-01-27, 14:36
You know you need a crossover cable, right?

Oops. Is that documented anywhere?

From the Squeezebox Manual:

Using Squeezebox2 as a Wireless Bridge
Squeezebox2 Wireless has both 802.11g and ethernet connections. You can easily connect non-wireless devices (such as a TiVo, Playstation, XBox, or a home theatre PC) to your wireless network. To set up Squeezebox2 as a wireless bridge:

1. Plug the device that you want to connect to your wireless network into the ethernet port on the back of Squeezebox2 using an ethernet crossover cable. You can purchase a crossover cable at most retail computer stores.

2. Press and hold the LEFT arrow on the remote for fi ve seconds to enter the Squeezebox2 setup screens.

3. Press UP to scroll to the Set Up Networking selection and press

2006-01-27, 17:35
Thanks for all the help!
After going back and reading the manual, I noticed it does say CROSSOVER cable. I think that might need to be printed in BOLD. My previous wireless bridge ran off a standard ethernet cable. I'll pick one up and try it again.