View Full Version : linksys and yahoo jump into digital music hardware

2006-01-26, 09:12

2006-01-26, 09:22
Wow, that CNET article was COMPLETELY useless.
Actual product page:

A few quick points:
This device appears to be just a remote speaker connection - kind of like the Airport Express.
It installs some sort of virtual audio driver to redirect all your sound to the device.
Windows only.
No remote or display.
Does not act as a wireless bridge (as far as I could tell from the documentation). The ethernet port is used for setup only.
It does have a full suite of analog and digital outputs, but no info on what's inside -i.e. the quality of the DAC.

2006-01-26, 09:27

No display.

No remote.

Am I the only one that thinks either a) "Gah, this track sucks, where is my skip button?" or b) "Oooh, this reminds me, let me find another song...?"

Having to cross the house to get to the PC to change tracks would... suck.

2006-01-26, 09:40
consider linksys' firmware quality history.

though the streaming from virtual soundcard idea does get the mental
gears turning...

2006-01-26, 10:38
This looks exactly like what the guy who wanted to use Slimserver to control his CD changers needs. Not what I want, but I could see a lot of people finding a use for this.