View Full Version : SPDIF always on?

2006-01-25, 12:26
New to the S3 and working my way through wireless, slimserver, and digital outputs,

I have analog audio out from the headphone jack and from the stereo RCA phono plugs on the S3. But I can't get the SPDIF/optical digital out to work.

I have plugged the S3 SPDIF into a Linn Kinos, and into a Denon reciever. No digital detection by either. Same with optical connection. I verified that both Linn and Denon digital inputs are active by plugging in a CD player that has digital out. So I assume no digital is being sent out by the S3.

Am I missing something? Are the digital outputs always on?



2006-01-25, 12:36
they are supposed to be on all the time - even when the SB is "off", which is another story - so this doesn't sound right at all. You might want to contact Slim support directly, they will help you verify is this is a real fault.

support (at) slimdevices.com