View Full Version : Can't connect to slimserver anymore

2006-01-25, 07:25
I had to get my first faulty SB3 replaced. I just took delivery of the new one but cant get it to connect to slimserver. It's connected to my PC (wireless adhoc mode) fine but cant find slimserver. I have disabled my firewall but that has not helped. Where do i go from here?

Patrick Dixon
2006-01-25, 08:18
I recently came across a similar problem to this with someone's SB3. It always saw the wireless network OK, just couldn't find the SS - I fiddled around for ages and it suddenly connected, but I'm not sure what the problem was or how I sorted it.

However, I think it is worth checking and resetting the IP address at both ends.

Give the PC an address of and the SB3, (the subnet mask should be set to Then on the SB3 set the gateway to the address of the PC ( and give it a DNS address provided by your ISP. AFAIK the DNS address doesn't matter unless you are trying to connect to SqueezeNetwork, so do worry if you don't know it.