View Full Version : Results from a switch from SQLite to MySQL as a back-end tov6.2.1

Dave Strickler
2006-01-24, 15:20
It took me 2 hours to report this, as I wanted to be sure it was

The web interface on my Slimserver is *much* more responsive. The
sluggishness under SQLite was worst when I went to do a text search for
music such as "Beat", to have it bring up all the occurrences of "Beat"
in Composers (read: Beatles, English Beat) or in songs, etc. Under
SQLite, this took about 15-20 seconds. Under MySQL, it takes 2-3
seconds, arguably the time it takes to refresh the browser.

I am complexly floored by the difference. I only wish I had converted a
while back! Kudos to the design team that put in the MySQL hooks! Thank
you, thank you...

For those interested in stats, I have 2,320 albums with 12,802 songs by
1,438 artists on my Linux SuSE Slimserver running on a Compaq desktop
PC, with 1 GB of RAM and a 1.3 Ghz processor, using IDE drives. The
server is dedicated to Slimserver. The MySQL software is dedicated to
using Slimserver. Not that it matters much, but I have an SB2 on the
local network, and a SB3 at home that connects across the Net to the

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