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2006-01-24, 03:01
Slimserver and the Squeezebox are great! Thanks for the hard work.

I have one small annoyance though. Perhaps there is already a solution.

When I play an album I would like slimserver to play the album in order (Don't shuffle) by default.

When I play a playlist (or anything else) I would like slimserver to shuffle by default.

Is this possible?



2006-01-24, 15:21
I believe the shuffle setting is global. That means you have to change the shuffle settings in the two scenarios you describe. Good thing is that there is a shuffle button on the remote, so it's easy to switch the shuffle setting without navigating menu layers.

Also good skins (like Fishbone) have the shuffle setting right up front above the playlist for easy access.

So change your shuffle setting when you switch between album play and playlist play. (switch shuffle before loading the new playlist or album)


2006-01-25, 01:40
For me it's just a small usability issue - (it's like the annoyance of wanting to watch a DVD but having to navigate through 10 trailers and 5 menus before reaching the actual movie - only not quite that bad)

I think that it would be better to have the following global shuffle settings

1. Don't Shuffle
2. Shuffle by Song
3. Only Shuffle Playlists by Song
4. Shuffle by Album
5. Only Shuffle Playlists by Album

Otherwise, there could be the same settings as now, but include an extra global setting which would be

1. Shuffle Complete Albums
2. Don't Shuffle Complete Albums

Which is only settable through the web interface or through the settings menu. Perhaps it could be achieved with a plugin? Would this be easy to write?