View Full Version : Martian Netdrive

2006-01-23, 14:26
Hi was just wondering if there was anyone else on here still using a Martian Netdrive?

I have accidentally enabled the password protection through the web interface, but cant find the manual with the default password etc in it!!

I am now locked out of the Martian and its got all my music on it.

Any help would be appreciated. I am sure there may also be a Linux solution, but the password and username would be easier if someone was kind enough to help!



2006-02-02, 04:23
I too have a netdrive and being a Linux incompetent (and scared of command lines) do not know how to upgrade the slimserver to 6.2 so it will run with my upgraded squeezeboxes, however I do know the logins for the black box:

UID: root
PWD: marvin

My netdrive is sitting idle now as I have an old blue iMac with a 160GB drive running OSX 10.4 and Slimserver 6.2. All seems to work fine too, and easier to manage, however I would like to resurrect the martian as it was a cool device. Can it be easily reinstalled with a more advanced version of Unix with a GUI? Have plugged in screen and keyboard with no problem but when that command line interface pops up I don't know what to do next!

Anyway, hope the logins help.