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2006-01-23, 12:51
I have a lot of duplicate flac and mp3 files. When picking songs to listen to either on the squeezebox itself or via the computer, it is impossible to tell them apart. Is there a way to get the file name to show up in a column when browsing through music lists that displays the file name, or at least the file extension, or at least the bit rate? In winamp, one can simply filter by ".flac" and thus only see these files.

2006-01-24, 12:04
I have the same question posted in this thread:


2006-01-24, 17:54
I actually don't mind of they both show up, just so long as there is an indication of which is which. All this would need is a column to show some more info on the slim server. This seems weird to me as the information about tracks is really limited. This can't be hard to implement, but I am a Python programmer, not Perl, so i am probably not the one to do it.