View Full Version : Port # and Browser question

2006-01-23, 06:35
This may be a little bit of a dumb question but....
Recently I changed the port on my Linksys router that Slimserver uses.
On my Host machine (server)when starting Slimserver or opening Slimserver from system tray, my browser (Mozolla) would open right to http://loacalhost:9000/.
Now that I have changed the port # it still tries to open to same url.
I don't mind typing the address with new port #, but a little annoying.
Any way to change this?

2006-01-23, 07:50
I also use a non-standard port. Simplest solution is to just make a bookmark for http://localhost:9xxx/. Alternatively you could put it as a desktop shortcut.


2006-01-24, 10:52
Thanx davep. I guess I spent so much time looking for change within Slimserver that it caused me to have brain freeze!