View Full Version : 2 minute wait between songs!?

2006-01-22, 13:13
My SB3 has started to exhibit very odd behavior when streaming AACs to it. I am waiting as long as two minutes between songs to stream. Watching the processes on the server, I believe that this is happening as each AAC in converted into MP3.

During this time, slim.exe is calling "C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\Bin\lame.exe" --resample 44100 --silent -q 5 -b 320 -r - - as well as C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\Bin\MSWin32-x86-multi-thread\mov123.exe

I believe that the version I installed was 3.97b2 (files date 11/29/2005) - is that the problem, should I be using 3.96.1?

The rest of the config is as follows:
Router: Belkin Pre-N
Server: Dell Latitude D600; Win Pro XP2; signal strength to router 72-79 db; reported connect speed 18-36 MBPs; SlimServer 6.2.1
SB3: Firmware 28; reported signal strength 55-65%

Update 1: Tried going down from 3.97b2 to 3.96; also changed quality from 5 down to 7; no improvement. Help!

2006-01-22, 19:55
In case anyone ever has the same issue. If you have the iTunes Update plugin running, SlimServer running as a service, and direct mode updates to iTunes turned on, the server spends two minutes trying to write to iTunes.