View Full Version : Asian language music

2006-01-22, 11:52
A significant collection of my music is Thai and Korean. These CDs are properly recognized by iTunes, but SlimServer would not list them.

Does anyone know wether I made a mistake in installation or wether SlimServer simply does not support Asian character Artist and Song names?

2006-04-26, 00:28
I had the same problem. In order to make it work, I found that the filename and folder name must only contain standard characters in order for slimserver to find the files. The ID3 tags can contain the asian characters and they display with no problem.

Using slimserver 6.2.1 with itunes to rip. Since itunes creates the filenames and folder names withasian characters I had to manually go and give the album folder and files generic names like T1.m4a, T2.m4a, etc.

Dan Sully
2006-04-26, 22:45
This sounds like http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2475

Unfortunately it's a very low level bug.

Fortunately there is a work around in renaming your files.