View Full Version : Favorites don't work with Live365 VIP account

2006-01-22, 08:35

I've noticed this annoyance when setting up my father-in-law's Squeezebox to access the Squeezenetwork (he only wants to listen to Internet Radio, not his music collection).

He subscribed to Live365 VIP account and put his id/pswd into his Squeezenetwork page. When he logs into the Squeezenetwork, he can to to Internet Radio/Live365 Internet Radio/My Presets and play all his stations without commercials. However, if he puts that radio station (for instance: classicalguitar.cc) into his Favorites (by hitting the right arrow), he cannot play that station from the Favorites main menu on the Squeezenetwork. It looks like the VIP authorization is not being carried over with the station's URL when it's added to Favorites.

I've verified this behavior with my own 2 Squeezeboxes. Are there any workarounds or fixes that I can implement for him. He's 80 years young, and has a difficult time understanding what to do when something goes wrong.