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2006-01-21, 17:48
I run my 1st generation Squeezebox through the wired ethernet port of a wireless router and slimserver on a WinXP machine with plenty of processor power and ram. I recently purchased a Linksys wireless-g router, WRT54GSV4, to replace my previous linksys wireless that had worked fine but died. My flac files immediately started to experience severe dropouts, pauses every few seconds, some songs worse than others but all with problems.

In checking the lan connection status I could see the "packets sent" slow drastically at the pause points. Tried every router "enable/disable" setting I could find without success. In trying to check alternatives to verify a router problem - e.g. reloading earlier OS images to ensure nothing else was mucking it up, updating slimserver, etc. all with the same problem - I tried running through a switch.

Turns out they play flawlessly if I connect the Squeezebox to a simple 100MB switch connected to the router. If I connect the Squeezebox straight to the router, same breaks/dropouts. While I'm glad to find a workaround, I need to use the switch elsewhere and would rather not buy another one just for this.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not much of a networking guru and this doesn't make much sense to me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

2006-01-21, 18:55
This does sound interesting. I've listed the possibilities in what I'd consider the order of likelihood :

*) that speed/duplex settings between the SB1 and the router are not being negotiated properly (and this can happen for a variety of reasons - one side advertises flow-control, the other doesn't honor it, cable problems, etc.). Your SB1 is 10mbit, and your router may not be negotiating this properly.

*) packet fragmentation is occurring and one of the devices is rejecting fragments, or your router is doing store-and-forward and might be causing trouble (the switch might be reassembling now).

* Cable problems - did you use a different cable between the SB2 and the router when you added the switch into the cable (and use the original cable between the SB2 and the switch)?

* MTU disagreements

2006-01-22, 09:47
Whenever one has router problems, a good place to check first is http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?RouterStatus

Any chance you're running back level router software? If you just got the router, it's possible it sat on the shelf for a while, and bugs were found and fixed in the mean time.

Go to the linksys web site and see if they have updated router software for it.