View Full Version : Stream - Problem: Can't open

2006-01-20, 14:21
I'm trying to open this stream:


and I get the message "Problem: Can't open" on my Squeezebox. If I paste the same url in my browser it opens up Windows Media Player and plays the stream with no problem. I have other .asx streams that work fine. What gives?

Update: If I paste the url above into the Slimserver Radio Tune-in Radio url text box, it works fine! But the same exact url pasted into my favories list on squeezenetwork does not work. Does this make any sense at all?

OK I found the answer in another post:
Step 1: the forum software mangles long URLs. What is shown on the web interface to the forum is not the proper URL. A piece in the middle is replaced by an ellipsis ("..."). I'm not sure why this is, but it's annoying and I wish it were possible to turn this "feature" off. In any case, in windows I right clicked the URL and used copy shortcut.

2. From the web interface, select Radio Tunein. Paste the URL into the Radio URL box and hit Tune In.

3. The interface will work for a few seconds and transform the URL into a quite different one that starts mms:// ... This doesn't happen for every radio station, but it happens for some and it happened for this one. And this different URL is the one to use.