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2006-01-19, 20:32
Just a tip for anyone interested... I had some trouble finding my iTunes podcasts in the slimserver web UI.

This might seem obvious for some- but I've still got a lot to learn with this thing. Since I am using iTunes, I can synch up my playlist, so I don't really need the "Music Folder" link for anything... and it was blank in my settings (Server Settings --> Music Folder). Sooooo, I put in the path to my iTunes podcasts (in this case, "C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Podcasts")

Now when I click on "Music Folder" from the main SlimServer page, joila! My podcasts are listed!

There are probably other solutions for this issue (playlists, somehow?) but this info might come in handy for some...


Craig, James (IT)
2006-01-20, 03:06
On default at least, when using iTunes integration there is an 'iTunes
Podcasts' item on the home page & player menus that goes directly to the
podcast list!


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2006-01-20, 10:52
Hmm, I am sure I did not see that... I will have to double-check this evening. Thanks for the info.

Sheesh, that makes things much easier :)

2011-01-28, 12:24
Sorry to resurrect an old post, but Iím trying to get easier access to my iTunes podcasts too. James, where is this located?

I have iTunes integration enabled, and all my library is visible in Squeezebox. Podcasts are too, but not in an easy dedicated section. So I can use the search to find them, but manual navigation is all but impossible.