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2006-01-19, 09:34
Hi All

I have a Belkin F5D7633 (Wireless g and ADSL modem). I am thinking of obtaining SB3 because I like everything I read and have experienced through softsqueeze. Thinking of taking up the $100 off for 2 SB3s.

Does anyone have confirmed this router to work with SB3? (It is not on the list in the wiki).

I have looked at the forums and saw some issues in here with Belkin some belkin routers. This is why I am asking.

I have already got the router working seamlesly in secure mode with a new XP PC as well as a very old W98 PC (both in wired). Also works faultlessly with a Dell Lattitude D600 as well as an Acer Travelmate (laptops wirelessly).

DHCP: enabled
Security: WPA-PSK no server (TKIP 15 rekey interval)
High speed mode: 125
54g protection: On

Any tips on setup with this specific router would be great. Would like to know if its running well with SB3s. Need to order before end of month to get the special.

Have also tested the softsqueeze on the laptops (although I assume this does not ensure compatiblity with the SB3 wireless hardware).

Thanks for your help.

2006-01-22, 13:02
anyone with similar setup care to comment?


2006-01-23, 06:48
I don't have quite the same model, but I do have a Belkin 802.g wireless router and have never had any problems with it. I run it without WEP/Mac filtering etc.. as I live in a remote area with no other AP's near by.

I stream 192kbs MP3's all the time by the way. I did have drop-outs when I tried Flac files, but that's no biggie for me. MP3 works flawlessly.

I suspect the amount of wireless gear in my house was causing the problem. I have 4 DECT cordless handsets and some Bluetooth adapters all in the 2.4Ghz space.

My router is the F5D7230uk4

http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=&Section_Id=201576&pcount=&Product_Id=141064&Section.Section_Path=%2FRoot%2FNetworking%2FWirele ssNetworking%2F80211gWi%2E%2E%2Etworking%2F

The people who have had problems are running the Pre-N routers. I believe this standard is still a year away from being ratified. It was formally agreed last week.


2006-01-23, 06:53
thanks for your comprehensive response.

i think i will be ordering my dual sb3's shortly!