View Full Version : mp3's OK but problems with flac's

2006-01-19, 09:28
I'm starting to build my database, have run into a problem and need some suggestions:

Whilst playing around I've ripped some CDs into .mp3 and some into .flac. Slimserver correctly organises the mp3's by album and artist, but puts all the flac's into "no album/no artist".

os = clarkconnect 3.21
encoding s/w = flac 1.1.2
server = slimserver 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 - 5648 (same behavior with both)

The vorbis tags look fine using easytag and I've tried stopping/restarting the server and clearing the library/re-scanning, but the problem persists and I can't find any mention of a similar problem in the forum.

I'm probably doing something stupid, but I've run out of ideas. What do I do next..?


2006-01-19, 10:13
Take a look at the files with metaflac, that will tell you for sure whether the tags are OK. What did you use to tag them in the first place?

2006-01-20, 12:25
Right - thanks for the pointer, I've fixed it. I looked with metaflac and there were no tags.

I'm ripping and encoding with the "rip" wrapper (using cdparanoia/flac). I looked at the perl script & it writes flacs with mp3 id3v1 tags. One quick hack later and it works perfectly.

Mind you, it still doesn't explain why easytag said the files contained vorbis tags...