View Full Version : Re: Possible Enhancement - (slight) support for multiplefile format music libraries

Mark Lanctot
2006-01-19, 08:26
I maintain two directories: one containing FLACs
for the Squeezebox and one containing MP3s for a
portable device.

Management is easy because I've configured EAC to
rip simultaneously in FLAC and MP3 using my
preferred settings for each and placing them in
the correct directory.

MAREO is the missing link that can do this in one


This way, the tags are obtained from freedb by
EAC. I make any required corrections and rip.
The tags are the same on both formats as well as
the file names.

stokessd wrote:
> I'm actually really interested in this as well. My
wife and I both have
> iPODs and I've ripped my entire 800 CD's to MP3's
and I'm planning on
> doing it again to FLAC and putting my CD's away in
the closet rather
> than keeping them on shelves. The squeezebox is now
going to be a key
> component in my digital audio portion of my stereo.

> So I would like to be able to organize my music and
deal with artists
> etc and be able to download the MP3 versions to our
ipods, and only
> play FLAC versions to the squeezebox. So far, my
mental solution is to
> keep two separate libraries and manage them
> Ideally, I'd like to have the music I typically
enjoy ripped to FLAC
> for the squeezebox, and more casual music only
ripped to MP3 and be
> able to "see" the MP3 library as well. If there is
a linking between
> libraries to be able to play MP3's that don't have a
FLAC version, then
> the SB system needs to be smart enough to play the
FLAC file if there
> are both a FLAC and an MP3.
> I suspect that all this "if then" stuff is beating a
dead horse and I
> should always rip to FLAC and then re-rip from flac
to MP3. The FLAC
> data is HUGE compared to the MP3 data, and I will
always have duplicate
> libraries.
> I do think this is an issue for many ipod carrying
audiophiles. Or at
> least semi-audiophiles. I am willing to take a
little hit in sound
> quality to have a huge library on the pod, but not
for the home stereo.
> So how are you others handling both FLAC and MP3
versions of the same
> music?
> Sheldon


Mark Lanctot