View Full Version : AlienBBC and Linux

2006-01-17, 20:11
This posting may be of help for anyone experiencing a subtle problem with AlienBBC and SlimServer 6.2 under Linux.

I am running RedHat Fedora Core 2 (just too lazy to upgrade, sorry!). I had installed AlienBBC, compiled mplayer and downloaded the essential codecs. I tested the slimserver in debug mode for plugins, logged in as root, and manage to access BBC radio streams very nicely. All good.

When I run the slimserver as intended, not as root, the BBC services fail to play. I get the standard "RTSP COnnect Error - Check File Types" on my squeezebox. Very sad.

A previous forum posting revealed the need to update the ownership of the AlienBBC plugin files. I did this, still failed. Turned out that the mplayer.sh file, located in the ./Bin direectory, also suffers the same ownership permissions problem.

In short, cd to your slimserver folder and run something like this...

chown -R slimserver:slimserver ./Bin/ ./Plugins/AlienBBC/