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Mark Lanctot
2006-01-17, 19:20
--- zooropa320
<zooropa320.21t3fb (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>

> Looks like your reply ended up as a new thread.
> Keep in mind that these are different discs
> (potentially) mastered at
> different times but they have been ripped and
> encoded with the same
> settings.
> With all due respect Mark, I think you may be
> simplifying the potential
> differences. Think about the original release of
> The Rolling Stones
> release of 12 X 5 with Time Is On My Side vs. the
> Forty Licks 40 years
> later. Potential editing differences aside (to fit
> 40 tracks onto 2
> cds) I believe they will sound different even though
> they were ripped
> the same way. A more agregious example would be if
> this song appeared
> on a time-life (or lesser quality) compilation disc.
> I would think
> there are sonic differences even though they are
> both being ripped from
> CDs in the same way.

Hmm...I think I'm seeing the limitation of using the
mailing list rather than the forum - you lose the
original question.

Of course you're right. If they are from different
source discs, yes, there could be a better one and a
worse one.

Sorry about that.