View Full Version : Small self-powered speakers to work with SB3? like Apple Pro Speakers

Sam Lowry
2006-01-17, 16:22
I found many threads dealing with speakers, but I still didn't find any good suggestions for what I'm after:
Small, decent sounding speakers (my wife has Apple Pro Speakers http://www.welovemacs.com/speakers-pro.html for her Mac which sound plenty great). I want to use the SB3 as an alarm/clock replacement for my bedroom. It will be next to my bed and since the wife will see it/use it also, the speakers have to look good and hey- the SB3 is very cool looking so should the speakers. Ideally small enough (depth is most important) to put up on a small shelf or fit on a small bedside table.

Ideally self-powered so I have one less thing to plug in, but if there are no other ideas, please suggest powered speakers. 2.0 is enough. No space for subwoofer. Of course, I'd like to keep this under $100 total.

The Apple ones have the custom apple mini-jack which I don't think will work with SB3. Am I wrong?

Thanks, I really want to buy the SB3, but the speaker thing is killing me. Why doesn't slim services just design some speakers to go with it?


2006-01-17, 18:27
Why doesn't slim services just design some speakers to go with it?

"Slim Services" must be the consulting arm of Slim Devices. Custom installs, huge staff of people dedicated to ripping CDs, SB2 car installations, music format consultation services, and hardware service contracts.

I suppose you could use most any computer speaker that had an RCA cable attached. Those not requiring power don't sound all that great. As for the perfect asthetic choice to meet the WAF that's not my department. A quick check on ebay for "computer speakers" yields 1100+ results, and a lot of different designs.

For the Apple speakers, get a minijack to RCA cable from Radio Shack.