View Full Version : The "White Noise of Death" struck again yesterday

2006-01-17, 10:20
I was listening to the streaming station "Dub Beautiful" on Squeezenetwork yesterday via the digital outs and surround processor. Suddenly, the music cut out.

The "VU meters" on the Squeezebox were still registering music, but there was no audio output. Increasing the volume on the Squeezebox made no difference.

Suspecting that I was experiencing the "White Noise of Death" again - I lowered the volume on my pre-amp substantially and switched to analog - yep, there it was - White Noise of Death.

I tried looking at the station info because the last time it happened Sean was curious as to the sampling rate. Unfortunately, the info didn't list bit rate or sampling rate. However, I did pull up the radio station on my computer via WinAmp - Winamp reports a conventional 128 Kbps/ 44khz stream. Both times this problem has occured - I have been connected to Squeezenetwork and streaming a webradio station.

Turning the Squeezebox on and off made no difference as to the white noise sound - it continued to play. Raising and lowering the volume, also, made no difference, until "Mute" was reached. At that point -the white noise/pink noise ceased in the right channel. However, the loud static buzzing continued in the left channel unabated.

I had to hold down the power button until the SB3 went through a full reboot to make the noise disappear.

Since I reset the Xilinx (spelling?) processor the last time this happened about a month ago - I had hoped the problem had disappeared. Obviously, it did not.

I guess the good news is - as long as I use only the digital Coax or Optical out on the Squeezebox 3 - there's evidently no danger of frying expensive audio gear - the digital output apparently just goes dead when this situation occurs.

I'd return the unit for exchange - but I'm not sure this issue is 'resolved' and there's a very good chance I'd experience the same problem with a replacement SB3.