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2006-01-16, 20:24
I am trying to get slimserver (slimserver-6.2.1-1) working with
softsqueeze under linux prior to purchasing the hardware.

On pc1 I have slimserver running
On pc2 I have softsqueeze running

The problem I have is that when I try to scan my music collection
I do not see individual albums/artists. All the mp3s show up
under "No Artist" and "No Album".

But when I click on "Browse Albums" I see

1 album with 38 songs by 1 artist

I have the following directory structure


With the mp3s for each album under the subdirectory.

Under Server Settings I set the directory path for "Music Folder" to


I then click on "Rescan Music Library"

How can I make slimserver recognize different artists/albums?

2006-01-17, 14:17
shouldn't you have named your directories in the fashion below, or is that type of filename not supported under linux?
'Nirvana - Mtv_unplugged'

There are tons of options, I know, but mine show up fine like that.

2006-01-17, 19:36
Ok... the problem was that the mp3 files did not have the id3 tags.
I used easytag under linux to add the Artist/Album and then rescaned the music

After that the album names and artist name showed up correctly.

Next question... is there a easy way to automate updating the id3 tags.

I prefer linux but could also do the update under windows...

2006-01-17, 19:49
Next question... is there a easy way to automate updating the id3 tags.

I did it in media monkey, using 'auto tag from amazon', but this was a per-album task. It gets you album art, reviews, and lets you choose which tags to add.

It can put covers in tags, but i'm not sure what functionality that has in SS. You'd have to pad your tags in EAC I assume...