View Full Version : "Page cannot be displayed" error in Slimserver

2006-01-16, 14:08
I'm getting a "The page cannot be displayed" in the right pane, where it would normally show the play list. Hasn't always been like this, and I'm not sure what changed to make it happen.

Tried reinstalling Slimserver, but the same behavior started again after a short time. (In fact, I re-imaged the whole system).

Anyone run into this/have any ideas?

One thing I just noticed is that I'm getting an error loading the page. Error details as follows:

Line: 27
Char: 2
Error: Permission denied
Code: 0
URL: http://<ip address:9000/status_header.html?player=00%3A04#3A20%3A06%3A28%3 Afc

2006-01-16, 14:16
Ah, think I got it....

Pop-up blocker in IE was turned on. Turning it off seems to have made the problem go away.

I'll leave this post up in case anyone else has a similar problem.

Very odd behavior though. Allowing pop-ups from the URL of the slimserver doesn't fix the problem, nor does setting the pop-up blocker to the lowerst security setting (allow pop-ups from secure sites), regardless of whether the slimserver url is in the allowed list. Also, there is no behavior to show that a pop-up is being blocked, as there usually is (the little bar across the top).

2006-01-16, 15:09
Uh, maybe not.

Problem is back. Now setting the pop-up blocker off/on/off isn't resolving the page can not be displayed error.

Anyone seen this behavior?

2006-01-18, 05:43
I notice the same problem from time-to-time when first accessing the web page. Adding a song or album to the playlist fixes it.