View Full Version : Scanning issues

2006-01-16, 14:03
I have several questions.
1) Last night I attempted to re-scan my music files (Itunes, Mac OS 10.4.4, Slim Server set to use Itunes) and still this morning it says it is scanning my music files. I do not know how to stop it. Much of my music appears on my Slim Server Home Page bit not all of it.

2)Not having all my music appear is why I attempted a re-scan. I downloaded new music to Itunes and it has not appeared in slim Server. Also my Itunes play lists download only partially. I have also notice one instance of songs being duplicated.

3) On the music player side of the screen I sometimes get a message (which, of course I can't duplicate right now) that says a skin cannot be found, error 404 and tells me to try another URL.

I have gone through the FAQ's and tried several suggestions but the bottom line is I am still having problems getting ALL of my music to SlimServer