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2006-01-16, 11:17
Hi, I got my SB3 mid last week and I am still new to this - so please do not swear or roll with your eyes if my question sound silly to you. If I connect through SqueezeNetwork to MP3 streams up to 128 encoded - I have a great stream quality. If I am doing the same with a WMA stream of similar quality/encoding I have really plenty of drop outs and get about 2 times per minute disconnected from the stream. If I reselect the stream and press play I get reconnected right away? What is the difference here?
I have a 11g network running and connect wireless with about 70% performance.

Cheers Markus

2006-01-16, 14:05
Hi Markus,

Can you post the URL for the stations that you are having trouble
with? There shouldn't be a difference.

2006-01-17, 19:10
Hi Dean

Here we go, that's the station I would enjoy to here through SqueezeNetwork:

It plays OK for a few sec maybe a minute, then it stops. Hitting play brings it immediately back up again.

I run my SB3 (a week old) with a Airport Express from Apple - 90% Signal strenght.
Usually no other computer logged in (so it should run with 11g speed). Interestingly my Squeezebox Server Network monitor tells me that I have very frequent "Inactive Streaming Connections"??? Well, my Airport express is right next to my SB3 (5 feet) and my IMacs (Airport Monitoring Tools) never show me these frequent drop outs SB3 is reporting? I do have a stabel, strong reliable conncection... Hmm...

So if my SB3 is connected through the Airport Express telling me frequent Inactive Connections - could that be the reason? I realize that the asx stream does not fill the buffer, while the other stations (MP3 streams) usually do??

Thanks for any good advice. Please let me know if you think my SB3 is not up to the standard it should be.. I am a bit worried... otherwise I love the tool..

Cheers Markus