View Full Version : LastFMstreams with Squeezenetwork?

2006-01-15, 03:50
Hi! first message here..

I love the audioscrobbler and LastFM internetradio plugins!

But, if I'm correct, it currently wouldn't be possible to listen to lastFM through squeezenetwork when your computer is turned off, right?

Are you guys considering to incorporate the plugins into squeezenetwork or is there any other way to make this possible?

I love my LastFMstations as much as SB, & I'm sure it would be a great feature..

thx for all the great work so far!

2006-01-16, 08:46
Great idea but I'm not sure how it would work in practice - every individual user of LastFM has a different profile, gets played different music based on that profile or the selected tag. It would require Squeezenetwork to work rather differently from (AFAIK) the way it does now.

What a lot of people do, me included, to get round the problem you mention is have a dedicated PC / Laptop / NAS (like a Linkstation) to run Slimserver on, which stays on all the time and is attached to the network directly. If you just use it for Slimserver, it doesn't require much in the way of specs and hence doesn't cost an enormous amount to set up.

2006-02-10, 01:45
How does that fit into the fact that Pandora is now being supported, what is the difference between the two services?

2006-02-10, 04:28
Pandora is US only. Choice. Personal Preference.