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Noah Zilberberg
2005-03-12, 22:04
>Is this for the Advanced Search, or regular search?

Advanced...regular search seemed a bit broken and unpredictable

>There is an option for this under Settings -> Behavior -> Composer
>in Artists.
>A large number of people need/want this for classical music.

Ah, yes, that's right I remember seeing that setting now, and trying to set
it with no results...I'l try again with the latest nightly

Dan Sully
2005-03-13, 10:42
* Noah Zilberberg shaped the electrons to say...

>ok so in version 6 [% album %] , [% artist %], and [% item %] all return
>integers as opposed to the strings they used to return in 5.4. When I'm at
>level 2 (album list) is there any way to get what item numbers are included
>in each album? Or even just the number of the first item in each album?
>Something like [% album.firstItemNumber %] perhaps?

What skin are you using? There have been changes to how items are accessed between 5.4 and 6.0

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Dan Sully
2005-03-14, 14:13
* Noah Zilberberg shaped the electrons to say...

> So? is there an answer to this? If not is it possible to get this added to the feature list?

Noah - take a look at how the Default skin uses these variables. Instead of
straight scalar's, a lot of them are objects now.

There was supposed to be a big kaboom.

Dan Sully
2005-03-29, 23:47
* Noah Zilberberg shaped the electrons to say...

>Hmm, maybe I'm missing something here...Using the latest nightly and the
>Default skin if I put [% artist %] or [% album %] in the html of
>Browsedb_list.html, the browser displays a number unless I am at level 3
>(song list) in which case it displays the name of the album or artist.

I'm surprised you're getting anything at all unless you're at the track level.

Everything is now accessable via objects. So if you're at the album level, you'd want:

[% itemobj.artwork_path %]

To fetch that path.

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