View Full Version : Canīt connect to Sllimserver from PC

2006-01-15, 02:58
Hi ,
iīm using Slimserver 6.2.1 on a Windows 2003 server. The SB2 runs fine from the server and i can handle it from the remote but... since 1 week ( no changes made on the system ) was impossible connect from a PC with Windows XP Professional to the Slimserver.

Iīve read lots of threads and i havenīt found anything about this ( i have no Cisco router , no wireless , etc ... just 2 PCs an the SB2 ). Iīve checked the firewall ( it was running fine ) and it has allowed de TCP and UDP Ports for the Slimserver. The server has the 9000 port listenig and i can ping it from the PC.

Most amazing is that everything was runnig fine and no changes on the system has made ( except , i suppose , the automatic Windows Updates ).

Any suggestions ?

Thank you in advanceĄĄ


2006-01-17, 09:35
Carlos I had the same problem.

It was solved by running the windows utility to 'setup a wireless system'. Even though the wireless was working on laptops, redoing the computer setup sprung everything back to life.