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2006-01-14, 20:29
I use a Cyrus DAC-X as the D-A stage for my SB2. While the rest of my Cyrus gear can be controlled with their master remote, the DAC-X itself can't. So if I have to change digital sources, I have to walk upto the D-A convertor. I know its not the end of the world, but it would be nice if someone could help me figure out how to use the information below to generate codes from either a palm OS device (my Samsung i500 phone) or a windows pocket pc handheld device. I understand the general theory behind the philips rc5 code system, but I don't know how to specifically generate a ccf file from the info below.

Quoting from the DAC-X manual:

The DAC X also features an extended remote command set that may be accessed with a computer programmable remote control, as may be specified with custom install systems. Details of the remote command specification are shown in the table below-

Transmission protocol: Philips RC5

RC5 Device address: 27

RC5 command list
1 Input 1
2 Input 2
3 Input 3
4 Input 4
5 Input 5
6 Input 6
12 Standby
24 Input scroll up
25 Input scroll down
40 Toggle phase
46 Power on
62 Power off

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance,


2006-01-15, 04:38
What device and/or software are you using as your IR remote control?

ccf files are used by Philips Pronto's - is it a ccf file that you need? I think there might be some programs at remotecentral.com that would help.