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Noah Zilberberg
2005-03-12, 21:27
>>yes, I'm using 5.4 and unfortunately will probably continue to do
>>so as there a few things about 6 which bother me just enough that
>>for the time being I'm sticking with the old version.
>Noah - what are those? We'd really like to get them fixed.

well, not sure if creating bugs for them would be appropriate. They seem to
be more like design decisions that I disagree with rather than bugs...but if
you wanna know I'll explained, but only since you asked for it ;)

#1 I prefer the search in 5.4. Though the interface for the new search is
more thorough I don't like how it returns every song by every artists that
contains my search string when I'm seaching for an artist. If I search for
"orb" in the artist field, I want it to return just a list of artists that
contain that string...not a list of songs. So it should give me "the orb",
and "orbital" and "scorb" etc, not every song by each of those bands...if
I'm searching for a song, THEN I want a list of songs.

#2 I really don't like the way version 6 is looking in the composer tag and
adding items it finds in that field to my artists list. So if I have a
compilation (I always set the artist for comps as "various artists" and put
the actual artist name in the composer field) that includes a song by david
bowie, I DON'T want that compilation showing up under david bowie's album
list! That's just extremely messy, especially given that I have over 400
compilations! That's exactly why I tag comps as Various artists! Now slim
server is undermining my efforts by including the composer tag as if it were
the artist tag! If it must do this because some peope like this behavior at
the very least it should be a settable option.

#3 Version 6.0 seems to have become a little over-zealous about case
sensitivity. It now sees "Art of Noise" and "Art Of Noise" as two seperate
artists and lists them as such...very annoying

Ok, that's it for now...I think there were a few more things that bothered
me, but I can't remember them right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying
to dis slimserver. I LOVE slimserver. It's allowed me to have my entire
music collection anywhere in the world and that rules! I just need to stick
with 5.4 for now. My library is way to large for these issues. what seem
like little things become magnified exponentially when dealing with a
library of 60,000+ songs.