View Full Version : Duplicate song entries due to symlinks

2006-01-14, 11:52
I keep all of my songs in an iTunes hierarchy on an external drive. In order to trick iTunes into displaying it, I created a symlink at ~/Music named iTunes that points to the iTunes folder on the external drive. This works great for iTunes.

A couple days ago, in preparation for receiving my new SqueezeBox v3, I installed SlimServer. Whether or not I choose to use iTunes information, the search mechanism finds two versions of all (or at least quite a few -- I haven't seen any singles, but I haven't enumerated the entire songlist) the songs.

I tried serveral combinations of using/not using iTunes data, specifying/not-specifying the location of the data to no avail. I had to delete the symlink in order for the duplication not to occur.

Is this a known issue? Could not the slim server canonize path names to songs to remove duplicate references with different paths? (e.g., that /Users/nathanh/Music/iTunes/blah is equivalent to /Volumes/Decksndrums/iTunes/blah)?

Thanks in advance,