View Full Version : Any progress on synching flacs? Shall I try a newer build?

2006-01-14, 09:46

I have an sb1 and sb2, both wired on 100Mb broadband router and I play just flacs. Synching doesn't work properly. I can only get them in time at all by synching then starting a new album, then after the first song they will go out of sync with the sb2 in the lead. I'm on 6.2.2 - 5426 and the server is XP with plenty of oomph.

I'd love to sort this out and any things I can to help/test/diagnose I'll do.

2006-01-14, 11:08
How are you streaming the flac to the SB1? As MP3 or as WAV pcm? Most likely, to get the players in sync, you'll have to steam to both as WAV/pcm, since the SB1 can't nativly decode flac. I think you'll need to edit your convert.conf file so as to disable flac->flac and flac->mp3, leaving just flac->wav as the allowed format.

2006-01-15, 04:23
Thanks for the idea

Unfortunately its worse, much worse. Start it, plays one song and the next track starts with the sb2 over half a second ahead of the sb1.

Any diagnostics/tricks to try?

2006-01-19, 01:46
Anyone else able to help?

The irony is that when I first got the SB2 to add to my SB1 they synch'd ok, this was on a PII server running v5. Then I got a new pc and upgraded everything and synching has never worked since on any version.