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2006-01-14, 08:00
received my sb3 yesterday and overjoyed even got it working quickly on my 802.11g network. HOWEVER experimenting with plugins is doing my head in. I am sure it should be easy but..
I cannot find help anywhere and assumed it as simple as downloadiung the relevant zip and unzipping into plugin directory. This then creates a subdirectory in which the plugin.pm sits and some other files.
My player does not see them in Information/plugins it lists many but some with no name say DISABLED (so does Moodlogic, which I believe was preinstalled).
Could someone point me in the right direction? Maybe a short summary in the wiki would be nice, although after searching the forum, noone else seems to have any problems.
Thanks for anyhelp!!

2006-01-14, 09:26
Which plugins in particular are you having problems with?

As an example the excellent LastFM plugin in from James Craig http://petherton.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/SlimServer/LastFM114.zip (I am sure he means 05 Jan 2006 not 2005!) is a zip file. Within this Zip file is a folder, I just copied this folder to the SlimServer location in my case c:/program files/silmserver/server/plugins.

This then creates a folder c:/program files/silmserver/server/plugins/lastfm in which the .pm file sits.

However for the equally excellent dynamic transistions plugin this is just a .pm file which I copied directly to the plugins folder.

I have always preserved the directory structure of the plugin (if any) when copying and it has always worked.

If you try these plugins in these locations do they work? if they do not then it would appear that something else is wrong.

What I am not sure of is if the sub folders are important or whether slimserver just picks up all the .pm files no matter what subfolders they are in.

2006-01-14, 09:59
What I am not sure of is if the sub folders are important or whether slimserver just picks up all the .pm files no matter what subfolders they are in.

From my early attempts to get to grips with plugins (admittedly with 5.4 not the current 6.1.1), the position of the PM files and subfolders is important. If the plugin consists of just a .pm file, it needs to reside in the top level folder (i.e. "slimserver/Plugins"). If the plugin consists of a .pm file and an accompanying folder (like the incredibly excellent LastFM plugin you mention), both of those items need to go into the Plugins folder. If you put an ordinary .pm file in a subfolder of Plugins, it won't work.

How are you transferring the plugin file once you've downloaded it into the Plugins folder ? I tend not to unzip directly into Plugins, but into a different folder like Downloads, then transfer the unzipped files to Plugins. That way you make sure you maintain the structure of the Plugin. Maybe try that way and see if it works ?

Also, do you have plugins set to load at startup or on the fly ?

2006-01-14, 10:13
thank you both for your replies.
I have set the plug ins to load at startup (and have started upo the server again.)

I have tried the lastfm plugin (it sounds excellent) and have it instlled as you suggest; ie in its own subdirectory, but still nothing. Also many plugin files are just called plugin.pm not <aparticularname>.pm, can I safely rename them and would they still work? Obviously if they are ment to be in the plugin root they would have to have different names. The player does seem to recognise some plugins, but says they are disabled. It gives no names for these; with the exception of the lyrics and moodlogic plugins which ARE named but don't work (both DISABLED) no idea how to enable though.
cannot find any entry in the forums on disabled?!

2006-01-14, 10:32
There have been threads in the past about plugins being disabled because of the type of system Slimserver was being run on. I think it was something to do with Perl (but am not exactly the right person to ask !).

What is your set up ? Windows XP ? And have you installed Slimserver to the default directory for that OS ?

Also, when you go into Server Settings on the web interface - do the disabled plugins appear at all in the list of those available (and are they ticked to enable them) ?

This info may enable others to help - or you could try emailing Slim Support.

2006-01-14, 10:47
You are right, I should have added that info to start with.

My setup is as follows: windows xp pro. SlimServer Version: 6.2.1 - 5194 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
Server was installed in default directory.
regarding your question on what is listed in the server settings: Of the DISABLED ones only moodlogic and lyrics are listed and ticked. I will try some more searching on the perl issue you mentioned, but not sure if I will understand it..

2006-01-14, 10:59
If the Plugins aren't listed on the webinterface then, AFAIK, Slimserver isn't seeing them for some reason. In my case, that was because I'd put the files in the wrong place, but it sounds like yours are correctly installed from what you've said.

Could you c/p a list of all the plugins in your plugin directory with their full file paths ?

You have to have the Moodlogic program seperately installed on your PC to make it work - all that is preinstalled with Slimserver is the connectivity between the two.

2006-01-14, 12:21
I was not aware of the moodlogic program. However the rest are:
in the plugin root:
furthermore(each with corresponding *.pm inside):
plugins/live365/<severalpm files>
plugins/Moodlogic/<severalpm files>
plugins/MusicMagic/<severalpm files>

in seversettings plugin section the following show ticked:
Load Plugins at startup Only Load Plugins On-The-Fly

Date and Time
Podcast Browser
Random Mix
Rescan Music Library
RSS News Ticker
Save Playlist
Server & Network Health
Snow Screensaver
Visualizer Screensaver

2006-01-14, 13:02
Thanks for all that - sorry if it was a pain to type out.

Ok, so it's just the Lyrics and Moodlogic you are having problems with ?

To check - can you (for example) choose the Snow screensaver as an option from the normal display settings ? If so, your plugin architecture seems to be working fine. Or you could try downloading a really simple PM like the Yahoo Horoscopes one and see if that works. Plugins like Snow and Podcasts won't show as seperate in the Plugins directory, because they appear elsewhere in the menu architecture.

Moodlogic won't work without a seperate program installed. LastFM also requires a seperate LastFM account and Slimscrobbler installed.

I don't use Lyrics, but what version of the plugin do you have installed ? 0.5 ? Earlier versions don't work with Slimserver 6.2 I believe.

2006-01-14, 13:27
you really are the best. Lyrics was the wrong version and 0.5 works, Album review and biography now work as well. (not sure why, but I am happy anyway.
Will now try to setup lastFM and then I am done. MANY MANY THANKS YOU SAVED ME HOURS!!!