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Steve Frawley
2005-03-12, 15:43

I can check it out on the Mac and PC (win 2k). I will watch the posts or you
can drop a note.
Steve F

on 3/12/05 3:05 PM, Triode at triode1 (AT) btinternet (DOT) com wrote:

> Kdf,
> Assuming it is now upto the scrolling command to detect a change in line 2
> [which is what I implemented for SBG/SB2 etc] I think it
> is quite easy to do the same for Slimp3.
> I think (total speculation!) that the function doing the work is
> Slim::Display::VFD::Animation::animateScrollSingle 2 ??
> If so we want to add something round:
> $lines = $client->parseLines(Slim::Display::Display::curLines($clien t));
> to check for change in line2?
> I can propose something if someone with a SlimMP3 can test it?? Does this
> cover SB1 with no graphics too?
> Adrian
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>> Quoting Steve Frawley <Steve (AT) Frawleys (DOT) com>:
>>> Sorry I meant Windows 2000 and SliMP3 unit (I have a couple running and
>>> haven't checked the Mac yet)
>> Thanks Steve,
>> This has been a known problem that should be fixed for todays build, but it
>> seems that the fix doesn't include slimp3 animation. If your display not
>> scrolling, does it change songs properly?
>> -kdf