View Full Version : Definitive List of TCP/IP Ports?

Mitch G
2006-01-13, 09:11
I have not been able to find a single place where all the critical TCP/IP ports are listed so that folks can easily figure out which ports need to be allowed in thier firewalls, etc.

And, I don't mean just for SlimServer but also for popular add-ons like SoftSqueeze and AlienBBC.

Does such a one-stop-shopping location exist for this information?
If not, then maybe people can post what they know to this thread and then this information can be collated and put in the Wiki.


2006-01-13, 09:54
First off, you only sometimes need to open ports on your firewall. It depends on where the firewall is.

If you have a router-based firewall, you only have to open ports if you want to allow people outside your home (i.e. on the other side of your firewall) to access your slimserver.

If you have a PC based firewall, yeah, you have to do this in any case.

The answer for Slim services is in the FAQ:

I wasn't aware that any plug-ins need extra ports, but I don't run them, so I'm not a very good person to answer that part of the question. Anyone else?

2006-01-13, 09:56
also for popular add-ons like SoftSqueeze
Softsqueeze requirements are the same as a hardware squeezebox, see the reference in my previous posting.