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2006-01-13, 08:35
I just took delivery of Squeezebox 3 yesterday and quickly set it up on my WPA encrypted wireless network at home. This was a painless task and within minutes I was able to connect to Squeezenetwork and listen to a variety of radio stations. Unfortunately however, I have been unable to connect to Slimserver which is running on my desktop PC. I see from the forums that others have had similar problems but there doesn't appear to be a clear solution, I have applied all the appropriate firewall settings (although they were done automatically). My set up is as follows; WinXP Pr SP2 with Norton Internet Security rather than Windows Firewall. When I open Slimserver on the desktop using http://localhost:9000 it fails and I have to replace localhost with the IP address of the PC (does this PC need a static IP address?, do I need a personal webserver running?).

I do hope someone is able to give me the answer as I was really looking forward to using the Squeezebox in my living room and I look forward to your response.

2006-01-14, 07:26
HappyPax: please don't double post. It doesn't increase your chances of a solution and it merely adds confusion for you and the people who want to help you.

Other thread is here:

2006-01-14, 13:37
I am watching this thread as well as your other posting hoping for a Miracle answer. Everything went smoothly, I had no firewall issue, machine found the addresses, 100% signal strength, etc etc. BUT

But, software says 'cannot find player'.
Slim Device says: Cannot connect to Slimserver.

Even reinstalled software. Windows XP2 Pro - no funny stuff on machine. Netgear g router.
I am an experienced network user and cannot even guess what could be wrong here. I turned off firewall, but ports were set up correctly already.

Hopefully we will hear from an expert.

2006-01-14, 13:42

You've probably already considered this as an experienced network user, but which netgear router ? Is turbo mode disabled on it ?

See http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?RouterStatus

2006-01-14, 15:05
180 Turbo disabled - Netgear WGT624 V2

I failed to mention that SqueezeNetwork works fine - only SlimServer is not available. That sure sounds like firewall to me, but closing firewall doesn't solve the problem.

Others suggest changing the router - and boy I have had problems over the years with other Netgear equipment. Can't recall why I even bought the brand again.

2006-01-14, 16:46
Sounds like it might be time to contact slim tech support.

support at slimdevices dot com

BTW quick answer to your other 2 questions:

does this PC need a static IP address?,


do I need a personal webserver running?).

No, Slim contains one.

2006-01-17, 09:42
I had exactly the same problem; but it all works now.

I simply ran the Windows wireless setup wizard.

(Even though wireless was working with a laptop when I started the slim setup).

I think the original problem may have been that I changed wireless security setups in windows to get to one allowed by slim. Apparently making that change broke it. Now all systems are perfect.


2006-01-20, 03:32
I have a very similar problem:

SB3 will connect without difficulty to WAN and recognise my laptop on correct IP address but is unable to connect to Slimserver.

The Slimserver recognises that there is a player out there but says that it needs updates (by pressing and holding brightness button), but this doesn't seem to work.

The Slimserver also seems to stop running without my telling it to from time to time, although the connection still fails when it is running stably.

Any thought, please?

2006-01-20, 17:21
Here's some things I've done that sometimes help although I don't always know why: 1. Re-set the SB to it's original settings by disconnecting the power plug then holding down the "Add" button while you plug it back in. 2. My internet Service Provider(Comcast) goes down occasionally and without warning causing me to think something is wrong with the SB when there isn't. Be sure your internet is working normally before doing other things. 3. As was mentioned, it's sometimes necessary to run through the internet setup without returning to the original settings. 4. Be sure you don't have a virus or spyware that is causing problems. 5. I like to use the most recent nightly updated version of Slimserver(found in the Support, Downloads section at the bottom of the page under Pre-releases) I'm sure there are other hints but these are some that have helped me.


2006-01-21, 03:49
I finally got it working and this is how. Shortly after I placed this thread the SQ3 started to have problems connecting to the network. In respect of the problem of "can't find slim server", using my laptop, I was able to identify that I could not ping my desktop or vice versa. Aftre looking on the forums it was clear this was miost likely a firewall issues and I, like you, disabled it to see if it would work - it didn't. It then occurred to me that I am running CHeckpoint VPN client for access to work and having checked that out, it has an internal "unconfigurable firewall". I went to the properties of the network connection and unticked the Checkpoint (this is something I now have to manually switch on and off - only takes five seconds though). The laptop running softsqueeze connected immediately and IO got really excited!!

My only problem now was that SQ3 wouldn't connect to the netowrk. First off all I blitzed the Netgear and rebuilt which included a half hour call to the BT call centre in India checking my login details!! STrangely, folloiwng this everyhting connected and I was able to dazzle my wife with the results (she had been laughing at me for being unable to connect up until then).

In the back of my mind I couldn't work out what had changed oin the router and sure enough, a few days later it started encountering difficulties when connecting. This added credence to other posters' comments about the networking being "a bit flakey".

Today I decided to give it another whirl and, through the forums, founf a list of proven to work routers. Included on this list was the Netgear but it also identified I was running a frimware verison two out of date. I upgraded to the latest and everything connects first time.

Of course it could all go wrong again in half an hour but maybe this might help.

On a final note, the message form the "Thread Police" about double positng made me laugh. He was damn right, it didn't increase my chances of getting an answer, certainly not from that monkey anyway. It makes you wonder what he has in his life when he can take the time to slap the wrists of techno chimps like me on the slim devices formums!!!!

Stay free and live the dream.

2006-01-21, 04:33
On a final note, the message form the "Thread Police" about double positng made me laugh. He was damn right, it didn't increase my chances of getting an answer, certainly not from that monkey anyway. It makes you wonder what he has in his life when he can take the time to slap the wrists of techno chimps like me on the slim devices formums!!!!

Well, I'm very glad you have your system working now.

However, I wouldn't count on any more help around here if you take this abusive line. There are a lot of people here, including Michael, who take time to help people solve problems because working together as a community benefits us all. Please learn to become a constructive member of the community, this includes (1) using the forums in a way which works well for everyone (ie no double posts) and (2) respecting other members.



2006-01-21, 05:14
He was damn right, it didn't increase my chances of getting an answer, certainly not from that monkey anyway. It makes you wonder what he has in his life when he can take the time to slap the wrists of techno chimps like me on the slim devices formums!!!!

You didn't get an answer from me after the first answer only because I had no experience with your router and your particular problem. Your double posting (or not) had nothing to do with the fact that I couldn't help you further.

I'm not the thread police. I'm not even a monkey. :-)

I am one of several people who have chosen to support slim by lurking in these forums and helping people out. I also help people file bug reports or enhancement reports if they don't know how, and on occasion I can help by reproducing bugs (I have a number of different slim boxes of different generations, so can reproduce certain problems more readily than others).

The problem with double-posting, of course, is that it makes it harder for people to help you if only part of the story is in each thread. They will only answer the part they see. This gives you incomplete answers, and wastes your time in addition to wasting the time of the people who are trying to help you.

2006-01-21, 05:52
Apologies for butting in, but I think that criticism like that needs a response.

First, I'm not a SB "acolyte" (I think that was the word someone else used in a recent thread ?) - I don't think it's the answer to world poverty or a total solution for every possible musical need I can envisage. There are things I would like to see improved - the web interface, for example. I do, however, think it does exactly what it says it does extremely well and represents great value for money.

I'm lucky - my SB2 has worked flawlessly from day one. I've also been posting here on and off for about six months, have asked some dumb questions (and some not so dumb ones) and received nothing but polite informed help. Many people have gone out of their way to respond to suggestions I've made on plugins - in some cases providing updated versions within 24 hours. That's service you don't see in many places, and certainly not for free.

This week I've been stuck working out of the office at a computer, doing a job which requires me to let a program churn over some documents for about 10 minutes out of every 30. It's given me lots of time to surf and I've spent a fair bit of time on here (and why I have time today to type all this out !)

In just one week I can perhaps understand how frustrating it can be for the regular respondents to see the approach taken by some people. Lots of threads by people who can't get their system working and use words like "turkey" to describe their new SB3 - my impression is that it is rarely the SB3 (although sometimes it is) but more often some other part of their setup.

Or that Slimserver is "flawed" because it can't deal with Itunes DRM - (which I'm sure it could if Apple would only licence the technology third party users).

Or they're up and running and have come up with some great new idea (no problem) but are then actually angry and rude when it doesn't get implemented right there and then.

After some suggestions and help, about 95% of people get there. But it seems to me that comparatively few bother to post a message of thanks. Perhaps this is just the way of the world these days.

Happy_Pax - what I wrote above was not aimed at you - just my general observations, so please take them or leave them as you will. But I would say that you seem to fall into the category of people who entirely blamed the SB3, when the solution appears to have been found in your router firmware. At the very least, it's a combination of the two.

Michael's big enough to look after himself and has already responded, but I didn't want this thread to end with such a negative impression. So I will simply say that many occasional posters and lurkers, myself included, are very happy that he has the time to devote to these forums.