View Full Version : Automatic Daily Rescan on Linux?

2006-01-12, 08:44
I'd like to get slimserver on my SuSE linux box to automatically rescan the music directory daily. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't see hbow to do this. In the server settings of the HTML interface, I can rescan manually, and if I was using iTunes I could set up an automatic daily rescan, but I don't see anything else.

Is there, perhaps, a signal that slimserver responds to, that I could stick in my crontab?

Also, what needs to happen on my SB in order to make new stuff appear in the "new music" playlist?


2006-01-12, 09:02
For automatic daily rescsn go to Server Settings | Plugins and under Rescan Music Library select Rescan Timer 'On' and then set the time you want it to kick in (I use 02:00 as I'm generally not playing at that time).

The New Music listing will get updated during the full rescan or you can do a manual scan of new and updated music from the top page of the Server Settings menu.


2006-01-12, 09:14
Thanks much. I don't know how I missed it.