View Full Version : Automatic playlist <-> music library synchronization?

2006-01-12, 04:24
Hi all, I have a simple question, i hope there will be a simple answer :)

Is it possible to automatically add new music to the playlist on a squeezebox when the music library is rescanned?

What I want is a simple setup where someone can simply dump music on a share on his PC, and this music is then automatically added to the "Now Playing" playlists of the squeezebox(es) connected to the slimserver.

It doesn't have to happen immediately, if the rescan + modification can happen once a day, then that is fine.

The setting up of the shares etc. is no problem, it is the automatic modification of the playlist that i need to figure out.


2006-01-12, 06:11
I always thought this is what the "new music" item did. But to tell the truth, I've never looked into it.

2006-01-12, 07:09
I always thought this is what the "new music" item did. But to tell the truth, I've never looked into it.

Hi michael, what "new music" item are you referring to?

2006-01-12, 07:21
On the web interface, there's a new music item on the left. And some configuration options to set how it works. I think newly scanned music goes there.

2006-01-12, 07:31
Thx for replying, but I don't see how this can help me in getting the songs to the "Now Playing" list on the squeezeboxes.

2006-01-12, 07:38
There's a Play all now option (or some wording like that, I'm not near it right now).

2006-01-12, 07:54
Ok, but I'm trying to achieve that I don't have to go to the web interface at all. My goal is to make it all happen automatically.

I can use the "rescan library" plugin to automatically rescan the library every day, but additionally I want the newly scanned music to automatically be added to the "Now Playing" playlists of all the squeezeboxes.

2006-01-12, 09:30
I'm at work, so I can't check, but I believe the new music item is also supported in the remote interface, in which case I imagine you could add them all from there.

Automatically added .... no, that would have to be the subject of a plug-in. But it's an interesting idea and someone might want to write such a plug-in.

2006-01-13, 01:45
If anyone feels an irristable urge to write this plugin, let me know :)