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rick's cafe
2006-01-12, 03:59
I recently got my SB3 and have started to use my PSP as a remote.. it works well for the most part but I was wondering if any other users have any helpful hints... particuarly in relation to the settings used to view album artwork in the status page. I have the server set to use the handheld skin but the artwork appears very large.. does anyone have any experience in the best ways to configure the Server for use by PSP as a remote?

2006-01-12, 06:09
i'm mainly using it to browse album listings without artwork.

this and any other issues is probably best solved with a dedicated psp skin - maybe an adaption of the nokia 770 skin?


2006-01-12, 07:55
It's possible to specify the size of the album artwork.
I'm using 6.2

I changed the handheld "status.html" to include the size ( height="200" width="200")i wanted:

[% IF itemobj.coverArt('thumb', 1) %]
<td><a href="browsedb.html?hierarchy=track&level=0&album=[% itemobj.album.id %]&player=[% player | uri %]"><img height="200" width="200" src="/music/[% itemobj.id %]/thumb.jpg" border="0"></a></td>
[% END %]

Ofcourse this means that this is the size displayed even if the picture has a smaller original size, you can specify any size for height and width, perhaps 100-150 might be better for the PSP, try it.

To test this, make a copy of the handheld skin catalog, rename it "handheld2" edit the status.html and then on the PSP browse to: yourserver/handheld2/
Example: http://localhost:9000/handheld2/

This way you can test the skin without changing your default skin.

rick's cafe
2006-01-12, 08:20
thanks I will try that out