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2006-01-11, 16:21
I am having an intermittent fault with my SB3. I unplugged the network cable earlier today to use the connection with a laptop. I have then plugged the SB3 back in, and now I only have an intermittent connection with the SB3. In using the laptop I made no changes to the network settings at all.

I have tried running the performance monitoring and the "Streaming Connection" heading keeps alternating between "OK" and "Inactive", though this doesn't seem to have any effect on what happens on the SB3. Is it correct for it to do this?

I tried setting the networking settings on the SB3 again but the problem remained. I also wondered whether it may just be my expectation as it has mostly occured when using the next track button the remote, I was skipping tracks quite quickly, could this cause this type of issue?

I have the Wired version as I am using Ethernet across the Homeplug system (Electrical ring main) I have throughput of about 80MB currently, so that shouldn't be at fault. Any advice that you can offer would be hugely appreciated, I've not had the SB3 a week yet.

2006-01-11, 20:31
SQB uses TCP/IP to communicate with Slimserver. When you switched your network cable from SQB to laptop, XP is a wolf to establish solid network connection and could have requested new IP via DHCP to resolve inconsistency without telling you. MAC addresses of laptop and SQB are different, but DNS has only one IP on the connection, likely causing slimserver to get confused trying to send data to SQB MAC via laptops new IP. The simple answer is to power the SQB off and on so that it gets a new IP address from your DHCP server which is in your router. If that don't work you could go into router admin page and force new IPs for all devices. My last trick is you can reboot router, and/or anything else suspect, all at the same time to be safe. This will usually cure network problems on devices which you know are configured correctly. If a linksys, it won't be the first time it needs a kick. These things are cheap an while extremely good value for what they are, they can be tripped up if you try something weird. Consider running a dedicated line for the SQB and bump your minimum DHCP client quota up by one to allow separate IP leases to cover all your IP devices on the network. That will prevent stealing. In other words, if you have 3 devices (router, laptop, SQB) then set router's DHCP server for 3 IP addresses. The reason you keep IP addresses at minimum is so that little bratty punks can't gain access to your network on an available IP address through wireless connection. If you are not wireless on the network at all, open up your IPs so you have plenty available(5 probably enough).

If you are not DHCP (set IP manually) then rebooting may work, but still make sure everyone has their own IP addresses and no sharing! Likely XP in laptop pulled something funny with the server, either DHCP or slimserver got confused.
Good luck!