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2006-01-11, 11:25
I want to back up my music library. As the library expands frequently, I need some way to monitor what has and has not been backed up.

I am planning to copy the .flacs to DVDROM discs. I will need to create a printable directory of which CDs are on which DVDROMs, and have a list I can update manually as new titles are added/backed-up.

I think I'd like to use a spreadsheet file that simply captures my library structure down to the CD title, and then has an additional column for me to fill in the DVDROM back-up number where the CD can be found, if it has been backed up.

My music library is set up like this:
e:\MUSIC\genre\artist\year - disctitle
I'd like something (what?) that can read that structure and produce this series of text columns in Excel: genre, artist, disctitle

Any suggestions? I am guessing a PERL scrpt would be able to do this sort of thing but I am not a programmer. Is there some ready made solution to this sort of problem? I am running win2k on the server.



Pale Blue Ego
2006-01-12, 06:03
Maybe something simple like "MPEG Audio Collection".


Just let it read your DVD-Rs after you burn them. It creates a database out of all the files and tags, is sortable and searchable, and can create nice-looking reports in txt, html, or Excel format. Handles FLAC, APE, AAC, MP3, etc. This might be all you need.