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2006-01-11, 11:16
My SB3 appears to grab two addresses on my Netgear DG634GT router. Connected over wireless g with DHCP auto allocation of addresses and appears to be working well. Wonder if there is a potential conflict or some kind of duplication?

Anyone had a similar experience / cure short of fixing the address?


2006-01-12, 06:58
Yes one of my Squeezebox 3's is doing the same thing with Windows server DHCP server. It uses the reserved IP and grabs another one too.. No fix as it didn't really bother me. But it would be interesting to know how to fix it.

rick's cafe
2006-01-12, 07:21
not sure if this assists bu I put up a post while I was connecting my sb3 a couple of weeks ago...


If the additional IP address is out of your usual range then the problem could relate to the issues on my post ..

2006-01-12, 11:36
All very odd. No, both IP addresses are well within range and I've tried turning off and on again. Maybe a full reset would be worth doing. As I said, the SB3 plays well but the selection process (albums / artists) occasionally jumps a bit.

Really just trying to keep things tidy and as efficient as possible. I haven't allocated a reserved IP to any part of the network - just let each piece grab an address on startup. Seems to work well except for the SB3.

I bet someone will be along soon with the answer ...