View Full Version : streaming "whatever is playing" on the pc -> slim2

2006-01-10, 22:31
Music on web pages ... audio from video files ... there's all sorts of music I end up playing on my computer, when I'd rather play it on my slim2'd stereo.

I'm imagining a plug-in or something that would appear as another "sound device" on my (XP) pc.

Am I dreaming? Thanks,

2006-01-11, 00:38
See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=18764 - or search for other references to Shoutcast, which AFAIK is the only way to do this at present.


2006-01-11, 08:03
Looks like that works .... However, my computer is already bogging down when slim is running, I better not overload it.

(I have ~300g of music on two external USB 2.0 drives so that may be the 'rub' ... when server is running sometimes the computer grinds v e r y slowly on other apps ... hardware often loses track of server ('lost contact with' error) ... and when i kill slimserver process everything on computer immediately speeds back up.