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2006-01-10, 18:39
From the slimserver setting, it seems to slimserver has seemless iTune integration when they are located on the same computer. But I have slimserver running on a linux desktop PC, and a iTune running on a Windows laptop. Is there a way to make slimserver (or even Squeezbox directly) to play the songs/playlists stored on a separate iTune PC?

I tried enabling iTune sharing on the Windows laptop and iTune on the linux-based slimserver, but neither the slimserver nor Squeezebox can see songs/playlist stored in the laptop.

Is this a supported usage? What did I miss? Thanks!

Craig, James (IT)
2006-01-11, 02:59
Hi Wei,
SlimServer doesn't use iTunes 'sharing' feature.
You would need to mount your windows laptop as a drive on your Linux
(I'm not sure how you would do this, most people are usually looking for
the reverse setup)

For full iTunes support in SlimServer you need to make sure both the
iTunes Library XML file and the music itself are available to
SlimServer. But the file paths are unlikely to match what's in iTunes so
this may not even work.

Alternatively maybe you could run 2 SlimServer installations, one on the
laptop, one on the Linux box?
I believe in SB2/SB3 it's relatively easy to switch between SlimServers.


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2006-01-11, 09:58
Thanks James for the clarification. I thought that Slimserver and/or Squeezebox support Apple's Bonjour when it refers to iTune support. Looks like I read it differently.

Apple's Bonjour (multicast DNS essentially) is proposed to IETF, so its spec is available to the public. Technically, it should be relatively straightforward to integrate that into slimserver or squeezebox. Of course, Slim Devices has to prioritize its feature list based on its resource and marketing research. But I can safely say integrating with Bonjour will give squeezebox an edge for the mass market beyond the current niche.