View Full Version : Possible to change the streamed filename filetype

2006-01-10, 02:50

I realized today that the firewalls at my work barr ".mp3" in the filenames. I'm not sure it actually looks in the file for the actual filetype, so I was wondering if it is possible to change the filename that Slimserver uses for the stream to internet listening? Currently its filename is "stream.mp3", but I was hoping for a possibility to change that to smoething else like perhaps "stream" only or "stream.music" or something so I can bypass the work fW's and actually listen to my music collection at home from work.


2006-01-13, 14:17
Still no answer... Anyone?

The above was tried using SlimServer at home and trying to connect to it from work using iTunes 4.7(?) with the URL http://myip:9000/stream.mp3 and that was blocked by our firewalls/proxie-solution. Is the URL possible to change, or is it possible to use SoftSqueeze (or is that too going to look for that stream.mp3-file if I enter my home IP-address in Softsqueeze?