View Full Version : SB3 issues - display blank, doesn't see WiFi

2006-01-10, 02:33
I've had my SB3 for about a month, running on wired Ethernet with no problems at all. I needed to move to running it WiFi so went through the setup, told it the SSID, but it wouldn't connect. (WiFi SB2 upstairs continues to work fine).

Looking at the signal strength, it was wandering between 98% and 0% (the access point is in the same room). I power-cycled the SB3 (10sec pause) and the display remained blank: essentially, it's now playing dead.

The PSU is delivering the correct voltage and the LED in the TOSLink connector is illuminated. Repeated power cycling results in no change. Have I locked the SB3 into some weird mode, blown the display, or is it broken in some other way?

Any ideas welcomed. Sorry if this has previously been addressed but searches either produced nothing or everything.

--Richard E

2006-01-10, 06:58
Not sure what the problem is - it will pobably need to be replaced.

Just curious does your receiver show a lock on the s/pdif signal?

2006-01-10, 08:18
I'll check on the availability of lock on S/PDIF this evening. I never got as far as trying to listen to it as it didn't see the network.

I will email support re an advance replacement, assuming you can do that.

--Richard E

2006-01-10, 13:51
It turns out that the problem was due to a WiFi card failure: removing the card brought the unit back to life. I have emailed Returns with the details to deal with it.

Thanks to Tech Support for prompt and effective assistance - always helpful when you're calling from another continent!

--Richard E